August 3rd-8th Hire a Day Laborer Campaign!

August 3rd-8th VOZ will kick off the first Hire a Day Laborer Campaign. For the first week of August we will aim to bring 10 new employers each day to the MLK Worker Center.

During these tough economic times day laborers are among those most affected by the economic crisis. Summertime generally brings more jobs for day laborers, but with the crisis it is more difficult for the workers to support themselves and their families.

Day laborers at the center contribute to the city and community through neighborhood cleanups and economic development.

The worker center fights for higher standards and better working conditions for everyone. Hiring workers through the center helps not only those individuals whom you hire. It helps make workers’ rights a reality for all.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to be part of this movement for workers’ rights by hiring a day laborer for a summer or ongoing project. Better yet, come to the center yourself!

The Martin Luther King Worker Center is located at 240 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. We are open Monday-Saturday 6am-1pm. You can also call ahead (503) 752-3619 to reserve workers with skills and experience you may require. Our bilingual staff on site will help you find the workers you need for the job you have. There are no jobs too big nor too small!

We hope that the Hire a Day Laborer Campaign the first week of August will inspire more people to support the MLK Worker Center and the day laborers who are committed members of the Portland community.