Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe

December 12, 2006
With a Procession and Las Mañanitas
Beginning at the corner of NE 84 and MLK, 7:30 a.m.
Food, music, and a religious ceremony

Our celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a tradition that started a few years ago with the day laborers from both corners, in order to strengthen solidarity, friendship, unity, and brotherhood between day laborers. It has also served as a way to build community.

The majority of day laborers are from Mexico. The Virgin of Guadalupe celebration is one of the strongest traditions of the popular Mexican culture, celebrated by Catholics and non-Catholics, it represents more than a religious symbol. Through the years it has been transformed into a national symbol, which calls forth unity.
Come celebrate with us.
We await you.

Gather together at 7:30 at the corner of MLK and I-84
Join the procession to 6th and Burnside at 7:45
Arrive at St. Francis Church at 8:00 for prayer service
Breakfast at 9:00