Close soccer game between Day laborers last weekend Portland Vs Seattle

On Sunday, November 18, 2007, there was a great soccer game between the VOZ team ofSeattle_Portland1.jpg Portland, Oregon day laborers and the Casa Latina day laborers of Seattle, Washington.
This type of sports event is becoming a tradition now that this is the third consecutive year these two teams have played; the purpose has been to maintain communication and mutual support between the day laborers of both cities.  The game was a good opportunity for the day laborers to spend time together, exchange personal and work experiences, in order to have an idea about how day laborers from two northwest cities live.
The soccer game was hard fought and in 90 minutes the score was tied at 3 goals.  The Seattle team scored the first two goals, but the Portland team managed to tie the game, scored another goal, making it 3-2.  The Seattle team recuperated and in the last minute tied the game.  Afterward, Seattle broke the tie in overtime.

It was rainy with low temperatures, but that did not stop the two teams from participating.  Both teams had support during the entire game.

We will try to continue these sporting events because it is a great
opportunity for day laborers from these two cities to be together and
supporting one another.   Congratulations to Seattle for its win.
We’ll see you soon for a revenge match!