Day Laborers celebrated the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

More than 50 people were present at the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe which began with a procession, leaving the

Procession on the street

Workers’ Center bearing the image of the Virgin and accompanied by Mariachis singing songs in honor of the Virgin, and stopping at the corner of 6th and Ankeny, where day laborers congregate in order to seek work.  Afterwards, we returned to the Workers’ Center, where we had a mass in Spanish.  The day laborers incorporated the Mariachis, who sang songs in honor of the Virgin.   At the end of the event, we ate tamales and drank Ponche, a traditional Mexican drink.  We also passed out cards carrying the image of the Virgin and a prayer composed a few years ago by one of the day laborers.  The prayer reads:

Prayer of the Day Laborer

Virgin of Guadalupe, humbly and with all our heart we ask your blessing for ourselves and for our families.  Pious Mother, thank you for all that you have given us in this year, and for not abandoning us even for a moment.  We ask you, dear Virgin, to increase our opportunities for work in order to win bread with dignity and give our families happiness and reason to rejoice.  We ask that you forgive our faults and light the path that the day laborer walks every day.  Amen.

Eligio mendoza-Day Laborer