IV Convencion Nacional de Jornaleros y Jornaleras

The 4th National Day Laborer Convention
“Working Today and Weaving Tomorrow”
National Labor College
10000 New Hampshire Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20903

Strengthening the structure and by-laws of NDLON y at the same time
promoting a sense of unity, solidarity, brotherhood and fraternity between
everyone so that somehow or other we transform the national day labor

Approve the general outlines for determining the job of the national
network over the next two years.

Strengthen the day labor organizations to make an impact on the regional
political context with respect to how municipalities intend to resolve the
day labor phenomenon.

Expand and strengthen the ties with sister organizations and allies;
including syndicates, academic institutions, civil rights groups,
communities of faith and public institutions, among others.

Expand the technical abilities and improve the conduct of day laborers and
organizers so that their position as directors and educators would be based
on critical analysis, strategy and democratic principles.

To bring the voices of the day laborers to Washington, D.C. in order to
tell their stories in front of Congress, the Press and National

To continue educating the elected officials so they support a just
immigration reform that is all inclusive and has a path to citizenship and
equality.  One that guarantees that day laborers will directly benefit.

Rebuild in a systematic fashion the diverse cultural expressions of the day
labor community so that it creates true organizational and educational