Organizer With VOZ Workers Rights Education Project

POSITION: Organizer/Center Assistant

TYPE OF WORK: 30-40 hours/week

Please send a resume, cover letter and three references to

Last day to apply Friday April 23rd


*Community organizing and popular education training experience * Fluency in Spanish and English with strong writing and oral skills * Experience working with low-income and immigrant populations * Ability to collaborate and work cooperatively * Knowledge of and commitment to immigrants’ rights and social justice * Strong communication and facilitation skills * Dedication and ability to work on a flexible schedule, including some weekends, and some nights * Computer literate * Ability to work independently


$14.42/hr * Full employer covered health Insurance * 2 weeks paid vacation and paid sick leave


  • The organizer has the work of creating and implementing strategies for promoting the leadership development among the day laborers, using the methodology of Popular Education.
  • Support the day laborers’ committee in its growth and development; work on the incorporation of new members using democratic processes
  • Develop workshops every month with day laborers respecting civil, human and workers rights
  • Implement the leadership school based on the principles of popular education; train the day laborers to be popular educators in their own community using the NDLON curriculum
  • Motivate the day laborers to participate in local activities that promote their interests (e.g. legalization, protection for the day laborer immigrant)
  • Coordinate with the staff and day laborer committee to prepare the agenda for the monthly assemblies; facilitate and take notes about decisions and disseminate the information
  • Support the organization of the regional assembly of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network
  • Coordinate national actions with local implications with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network
  • Participate in national phone conferences with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network
  • Coordinate VOZ Soccer team
  • Visit the corners to discuss problems that affect workers (e.g. unpaid salaries, relationships with neighbors, police, new business owners), and encourage participation in leadership events and activities
  • Organize the 2 street corners by encourage them to participate in the cleaning campaign in the neighborhood, leadership workshops, events, establish a minimum wage and facilitate meetings at the corners as needed
  • Coordinate cultural events with Development Director every two months such as the Virgin of Guadalupe, International Day of the Immigrant, MLK Day, Day of the Dead, etc.
  • Organize community activities with the day laborers, such as cleaning campaigns, removal of graffiti, meetings with neighbors, police, business owners with the day laborers at the worker center
  • Motivate day laborers to maintain unity and collective work amongst each other.
  • Guarantee day labor participation amongst in the different programs of VOZ.
  • Assist Executive Director with external and policy organizing efforts
  • Coordinate volunteers for 1 of VOZ’s popular education programs (to be determined) at the Worker Center. (Example: ESL, Art, Music, Computer, etc)


  • Maintain the safety and good image of the Worker Center
  • Represent the interests of the Center before its participants, visitors and Employers
  • Make sure that the Center is safe, clean, free of drugs, alcohol and violence
  • Assist in the registration of day laborers and the Center’s work distribution system
  • Assist the employer in employing day laborers in a safe and organized manner
  • Maintain an inventory of the Center’s property
  • Coordinate the volunteer work, social service agencies and interns at the Center
  • Document incidents, problems and conflicts that occur in the Center
  • To improve the image of the Center, look for an evaluation system respecting the workers with employers and inform the day laborers of the results
  • Refer day laborers to different social services in the Portland area
  • Support the Worker Center Coordinator with unpaid wages, negotiating w/ employers, collaborating with legal counsel, working with state agencies to file claims, and planning direct actions
  • Organize workers to participate in the cleaning of the Center as a promotion of the Center
  • Develop a marketing and promotion plan for the Center
  • Help with ID processing for new Day Laborers
  • Assist workers who fill out the Work Center membership application
  • Provide information to the day laborers about their rights and responsibilities at the worker center
  • Make a daily report about the dispatched work