Portland World Cup Results

VOZ held the 2012 Portland World Cup finals on Sunday, September 16th at Concordia University. The matches wrapped up two fantastic weekends of soccer and cultural exchange, with ten teams competing in two divisions.


The results were as follows:

Place First Second Third
Division I Cinco de Mayo Global FC Sierra Leone
Division II Abyssinia BTSO Syria



On September 8th and 9th matches were held at Fernhill Park as teams competed to qualify for the finals. Players and members of the community also enjoyed food, music, and attended a health fair put on by co-sponsors of the event.

The finals opened with the third place match between Division II teams Syria and Chin Community. Syria claimed victory with a 3 – 0 shutout.

A friendly match between Sierra Leone and Los Jornaleros followed. Sierra Leone had been scheduled to play Honduras for third place, but when the Hondurans forfeited Los Jornaleros stepped in. It was a close and hard-fought match, but in the end Los Jornaleros held on to their 1 – 0 lead in a surprise upset.  However, because Honduras had forfeited, Sierra Leone took third place by default.

Abyssinia played BTSO for first place in the second division. Abyssinia took an early lead over the Bhutanese team and scored two additional goals near the end, winning with a solid 3 – 1 score.

The games closed with the much-anticipated Division I final between Cinco de Mayo and Global FC. It was an exciting match and Cinco de Mayo came away victorious with a final score of 1 – 0.

Overall, the event was a fabulous display of Portland’s soccer talent and a successful celebration of the city’s cultural diversity. For those who want to compete again or missed out on team registration and are interested in participating in the future the 2013 Portland World Cup is only a year away!