This is My Dream

Ever since I came to this country (U.S.), my dream was to become a writer. Recognizing a series of flaws in said field, I have overcome those errors, gramatically-speaking, although it is recognizing that writing, the communication of thoughts, is a philosophy of thought.
With that premise in mind, I traveled to this country, that is to say, with the idea that an editor would be interested in my humble work.

Today living as a day laborer and as a member of VOZ and the Center that was a project that started many months ago, my dream remains unharmed, thanks to American reporters who visit the Day Laborer Center where I belong, I have connected with some of them, and through email connections, they are reading part of my novels and poetry (in English), work which is motivated by the exploitation and death of abject societies like Guatemala, which practices against that which struggles for human rights.
My dream is tied to the dream of the planet, that is to have humane and just societies, governed under the one law that can save humanity: respect the liberty of all.

My dream is to make known my poetry and narratives which help to dissolve a bit of racial hatred and incomprehensibility of abject minds that believe in blue blood (different racial strata).

Sergio, The Maya

A Day Laborer