How to Support Francisco and Family

Francisco Aguirre has lived in the United States of America for over 19 years. On the morning of September 19, 2014 ICE agents arrived at Francisco’s home in Fairview, OR, to attempt to detain and deport him. He must remain in sanctuary at Augustana Lutheran Church. As a result, he is unable to work and his family needs our financial support to pay legal fees and daily expenses.

Francisco has been very active in community since 1995, as a member of VOZ since 2000 and has become a role model for his peers in the immigrant community. He has served in many leadership conferences in the state of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and also others states throughout the country to represent the Portland community. Francisco’s work has contributed to CHIRLA, NDLON, CAUSA, churches and community organizations and in his free time he is passionate about music and sings for social justice causes.

Please support Francisco Aguirre and his family.

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