URGENT ACTION to get a hearing for SB 612-A! in the Oregon House by Monday!

Oregon residents can help stop wage theft in the construction industry by signing this petition in support of State Senate Bill 612-A today.

Click here to read and sign the petition:


Our last petition helped get SB 612 passed out of the Senate, now we have until Monday to get a Hearing in the House to make sure our bill to stop wage theft keeps moving forward.

Can you imagine working hard at your job for a day, a week, or longer and having your boss tell you to “get lost” without paying you?

Thousands of workers in Oregon have their wages stolen from them by corner-cutting abusive employers. As it is now, most of the time, the employer can get away with it. Many unregulated construction labor brokers are skirting the rules. These brokers keep their workers on informal books and do their business in the shadows.

SB 612-A closes the loopholes to make sure that the labor brokers are subject to the same oversight as any other Oregon company. Lifting them out of the shadows helps to lift the standards for us all. A recent analysis by the Oregon Center for Public Policy found that $700,000 in wage claims from the construction industry were determined by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries to have been illegally withheld last fiscal year. That is only the tip of the iceberg. <http://www.ocpp.org/cgi-bin/display.cgi?page=nr20110426WageTh>

The Oregon Coalition to End Wage Theft asks residents of Oregon to:

Sign the petition to make sure that in the 21st century no one in Oregon is laboring without being paid.

For more info: http://portlandvoz.org/, www.facebook.com/protectoregonworkers <http://www.facebook.com/protectoregonworkers>