Volunteering with VOZ

¡Bienvenidos a Voz!

Welcome to our Volunteering and Internships page. Below is a list of our current volunteer needs as well as contact information for those who want to get involved. We provide training, support, and everlasting gratefulness! Please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions at volunteercoordinator@portlandvoz.org or click the ‘Volunteer’ button below to use the sign up form.


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We seek passionate, committed, organized and energetic volunteers to support our MLK Workers’ Center staff in fulfilling the duties associated with running the center. Some of your responsibilities may include signing workers in as they arrive in the morning, running the raffle, greeting employers and helping them get them appropriate workers, answering phones, making follow up calls to employers, data entry, etc.

Applicants must be willing to commit to assisting for 3 months and be available to work at least one day a week between the hours of 7:00 am-2:00 pm, Tuesday-Saturday.  Days and hours are flexible, so we can make it work with your schedule.


Marketing assistants work directly with the MLK Jr. Worker Center Coordinator to bring more employers to the Worker Center. They help organize Voz flyering events with day laborers, including creating routes, organizing transportation, and managing flyer distribution. They create materials geared to different potential employers (homeowners, contractors, etc) of day laborers. They form relationships with local media outlets (including social media) in order to perform community outreach and recruit work for the Worker Center. They build relationships with local organizations in order to connect with employers for the Center.


English classes are taught at the Worker Center almost every day. Each of the classes has a particular theme and learning objective, which is reviewed and changed every four weeks. The curriculum is flexible, designed to offer both learning progress for returning students and to meet the learning needs of one-time students. Teachers don’t need to have extensive ESL experience, but some is helpful. We also have Teacher Assistants, who aren’t responsible for planning lessons and teaching, but provide integral support in the classroom. ESL volunteers are encouraged to have some Spanish skills, though this isn’t necessary, and must be able to commit the expected time and energy to English classes (about 2 – 4 hours per week). Classes usually take place in the morning or very early afternoon (Worker Center hours are Tuesday-Saturday 7am-2pm). We are constantly accepting applications and bringing on new volunteers as needed.


We are always in need or interpreters for every event, assembly or meeting where monolingual speakers of Spanish and English are both present. Volunteers are asked to do simultaneous, consecutive or whisper interpretation.

We constantly need to translate letters, reports, educational material and community outreach information between English and Spanish. If you are bilingual and interested in volunteering on your own schedule, from your own home or the VOZ office, please contact us.


An important part of VOZ’s work, volunteering with the Wage Claims team will bring visible benefits to the Day Labor community. Tasks may include

  • collecting information from the employer and investigating (if necessary)
  • calling the employer to ask him/her why they have not paid
  • securing a time and place for them to pay the day laborer
  • accompanying the day laborer and speaking with the employer
  • writing letters to employers about wage losses
  • filling out the VOZ and BOLI forms
  • going with the day laborer to Court (if necessary)
  • seeing the case through to the end
  • teaching the day laborer how to use the booklet.


VOZ sponsors several diverse cultural and mobilization events throughout the year, and these could not happen without the great work done by volunteers. We typically need help with:

  • creative planning for long term projects
  • last minute arrangements or one-time event assistance
  • mapping out the event schedule
  • making and distributing fliers
  • presenting educational or political information about VOZ and its mission
  • buying snacks
  • bringing a sound system (if necessary)
  • asking the city or neighbors for permission (if necessary)
  • contacting the press to attend the event (if necessary)


Volunteers help us look for possible foundations or organizations that would complement our goals.


General office help is always greatly needed. In fact, after one month of outstanding volunteer work with VOZ we require that all of our volunteers put in at least an hour of office work. These tasks can include: photocopying, data entry, and organizational tasks. This work is important both at the VOZ office and at the Day Labor Center, so chose your location and we will help you get started.

If you have additional talents you can bring to VOZ, let us know! To set up a time to come in and help with any of the above, please fill out our online application form and we will contact you. You may also email volunteercoordinator@portlandvoz.org. Thank you. We appreciate your support!