Volunteers need for Eco-Tourism Cañari Inca (indigenous) people of Ecuador

A day laborer from the Voz Day Laborer Committee seeks help designing a promotional system for his Project for the Dissemination of Cultural Values ​​and Eco-Tourism of the Natural Beauties of the homeland of the Chaskikuna Inca people of Ecuador.  In order to design this promotional system, he calls on interested and sympathetic volunteers to form a multi-disciplinary design team.  He especially seeks those with the following backgrounds and abilities:

  • Systems and design, promotion and distribution in all media.
  • Background in Archaeology and Architecture
  • Eco Tourism
  • Anthropology and Human Rights.

The team would organize cultural activities and events, such as the presentation of Andean music of the Chaskikuna Kanari – Inca people (involving more than 500 wind and percussion instruments).  Other cultural activities would promote the handicrafts, traditional medicine and other cultural values ​​of Ecuador.

Contact: (Spanish) fdescultchaskis@yahoo.com
English: romeo@portlandvoz.org