Volunteers need for Eco-Tourism CaŮari Inca (indigenous) people of Ecuador

A day laborer from the Voz Day Laborer Committee seeks help designing a promotional system for his†Project for the†Dissemination†of†Cultural Values†??and Eco-Tourism of the Natural†Beauties of the homeland of the Chaskikuna Inca people of Ecuador. †In order to design this promotional system, he calls on interested and sympathetic volunteers to form a multi-disciplinary design team. †He especially seeks those with the following backgrounds and abilities:

  • Systems†and†design,†promotion†and distribution in†all†media.
  • Background†in Archaeology†and Architecture
  • Eco Tourism
  • Anthropology†and Human Rights.

The team would organize cultural activities and events, such as†the presentation†of Andean music of the Chaskikuna Kanari†-†Inca people (involving more than 500 wind and percussion instruments). †Other cultural activities would promote the†handicrafts,†traditional†medicine†and†other†cultural values†??of Ecuador.

Contact: (Spanish)†fdescultchaskis@yahoo.com
English: romeo@portlandvoz.org