Voz Leadership Retreat

Seven day laborer leaders joined Voz staff for our annual leadership retreat March 1st- 3rd in Colton, Oregon. Three of the seven day laborer leaders are newly elected members of our Day Laborer Committee, half of our Board of Directors.

The retreat was designed to share an intensive leadership training so that our day laborer leaders are as knowledgeable and helpful to their fellow day laborers as they can be. The first of many workshops presented focused on organizing, education and mobilization. A second workshop covered our work on comprehensive immigration reform. Another looked at ways to better market the day laborer center. Lauren Norris, member of our Executive Committee along with Aurelia Sanchez López facilitated a workshop on Gender and Sexuality that prompted the idea of an annual International Women’s Day event at Voz. Over the course of the retreat day laborers took turn fixing meals, which everyone felt was a pleasant addition.