Staff and Board of Directors


Voz has 6 staff members and depends on dozens of volunteers and interns throughout the year to support our efforts.

Romeo Sosa

Executive Director

(503) 233-6787

Romeo is an indigenous Mayan organizer born in Guatemala. Romeo has significant experience in grassroots organizing, leadership development, and strategic planning.  He has worked as a rural researcher and indigenous rights organizer, developing Popular Education materials in Guatemala’s rural communities. He also worked as an advocate for displaced survivors of war at la Organización de Servicios de Solidaridad in Mexico. Romeo uses art as a tool to communicate the relationship between immigration and globalization and to demonstrate the economic injustices present in rural communities.  As past Director of the St. Francis Church dining hall, Romeo coordinated volunteer programs, directed events, and supervised staff.  Romeo Sosa is currently the Executive Director of Voz.


Ignacio Paramo

MLK Jr. Worker Center Director

(503) 234-2043

Ignacio Paramo has been supporting, advocating for, and working within his community of immigrant Latinos in the Portland Metropolitan area for 15 years. Previously, Ignacio worked as an employment specialist facilitating workshops on navigating employment processes and career development. Ignacio also has 10 years of experience as a case manager ensuring stable housing, health, and employment for our communities. Ignacio first came to Voz as a volunteer with the Immigrant Rights Promoter Project and then transitioned into the Organizer position for the next four years. Ignacio Paramo is currently the MLK Jr. Worker Center Director.



Francisco Aguirre

MLK Jr. Worker Center Coordinator

(503) 234-2043

Francisco is originally from El Salvador. He has worked as a day labor and with the day labor community for over ten years both in Portland and in Los Angeles. Francisco was involved in the Workers’ Organizing Committee that went on to found Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Francisco has continued to demonstrate his leadership skills and dedication to economic justice for the Portland day laborer community. Francisco Aguirre is currently the MLK Jr. Worker Center Coordinator.


Ranfis Villatoro

Development Director

(503) 233-6787

Son of immigrant parents from El Salvador and Guatemala, Ranfis has been working with immigrant populations in Oregon for the past 4 years with a background in fundraising and event coordination. Ranfis began organizing as the Eugene Organizer for CAUSA Oregon in 2009 and was last the Grants and Communication Manager with CAPACES Leadership Institute in Woodburn. He received his Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Oregon enjoys spending time with his partner Jess, baby Noah, and their dog Vincent.




Voz interns play a crucial role in the daily operations of our center and office. If you or someone you know are interested in gaining valuable experience with a local social justice organization, please contact our Executive Director Romeo Sosa.

Laura SchroederLaura Schroeder

English Language Coordinator Intern

(503) 234-2043

Laura Schroeder is a Sociology/Anthropology major and Latin American studies and Environmental studies double minor at Lewis & Clark College. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Laura interned at a living wage garment factory in the Dominican Republic last semester, teaching English and technology classes to workers and filming and editing videos for outreach. In May, she led a 3-week volunteer trip to Oropesa, Peru, where she and her group tutored children at a rural children’s home and built an outdoor oven. When she is not engaged with social and environmental justice issues, Laura runs varsity cross country and has a family project of summiting the highest peak in all 50 U.S. states. She plans to study Public Policy after teaching English abroad following graduation.

29c0c84Sally Hansen

Volunteer Coordinator Intern

(503) 734-7140

Sally was born and raised in Denmark, but moved to the U.S. in 2009 to study at the University of Washington. She eventually made it down to Portland and has been living here since 2012. She got her M.A. in Sociology in August 2013 and now splits her time between Voz as the Volunteer Coordinator and the American Red Cross. Besides a passion for social justice, Sally loves to read, go running, and traveling.



Voz’s Board of Directors is comprised of two committees: the Executive Committee and the Day Laborer Committee. 60% of our governing board –the members that plan, implement and make policies (including our organizational budget) is a day laborer

Executive Committee

Day laborers approve Voz’s budget, staff salaries, and personnel through serving on the Executive Committee (1/7 seats filled day laborers ).

Lauren Norris


Lauren is from Portland, OR. She has a Masters degree from the Institute of Non-profit Administration at Lewis and Clark College. She worked as a development and community organizer for a number of non-profits before her 10 years as a community organizer at the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement. She has been working for the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability since 2006. Lauren has volunteered in Guatemala since 1993, working in a variety of community development and health promotion programs with the Mayan Quiche and Tzutuhuil communities. She spends much of her volunteer time in Portland fundraising for these Guatemalan projects and for Voz.  Lauren Norris is currently the President of Voz’s Board of Directors-Executive Committee.

Peter Parks

Vice President

Peter is retired from Portland ILWU Local 8, longshore workers union. He has also been a member of the Machinist’s Union, working at Cummins Northwest as a diesel mechanic for 14 years.  He has been involved in social justice and workers’ rights issues for many years, working with Portland Jobs with Justice, PCASC (Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, participating in labor delegations to Venezuela/Colombia and Mexico), and Voz. He is a co-chair of the Immigrant Rights Committee of Portland Jobs with Justice.  Peter is married, has two adult children and a golden retriever.  He is currently the Vice President of Voz’s Executive Committee.


Lynn Thompson


Lynn Thompson is a consultant for organizations experiencing growth and change. She has 34 years experiencing running nonprofit agencies and owning businesses.

She is a winner of the Women of Influence award, Portland Business Journal’s highest honor for women in business. She has edited and written numerous chapters and books on youth, families and politics. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas. Lynn grew up on the Texas/Mexico border and is no stranger to immigrant struggles.

Juan Sop

My name is Juan Sop and I am from Guatemala. I began working at a young age in Guatemala; money was tight in my family and so I didn’t have the opportunity to study much. At 16 I decided to emigrate to another country and try to help my family move forward and excel even better than I could. My trip from Guatemala to here took a little more than a month walking and on buses it was very challenging and difficult because I thought a lot about my family that stayed in Guatemala but I got the strength to keep going forward and not look back from the dream of providing a better future for us.

I arrived here and tried looking for work and it was difficult. I began working and going to school at the same time because I also had to send money back to Guatemala. My move cost a lot and I needed to pay it back. In 2008 they let me go from work because of the economy and so then I decided to go to the corners and wait for work. For a year they told me about the worker center and so I went to see if it was good or not. From that day on I stayed and I liked it. I found work that was secure; on the corners workers are not sure of when they will find work and sometimes they don’t even paid. I saw in the center the opposite; we get paid.

From then on I kept excelling and I’ve done work from landscaping to sewing and I kept succeeding at the center. Then I decided to be part of the Day Laborer Committee for a while and I liked it and I from there I became more involved in activities of the center. I’ve volunteered at the center on Monday’s all day and helped all my compañeros and helped distribute flyers to promote the center. I love helping out and through my work in the center I have arrived to being involved with the organization through sitting on the Executive Committee. Hopefully I continue to grow and learn more by being in this very important position.

Linda MonkLinda Monk

Linda Monk, originally from NY, has lived in Idaho and Oregon since 1962. She has a Bachelors degree from the University of Idaho and a Masters from Lewis and Clark.

She is retired and previously worked in a variety of mental health clinics and school settings as a counselor. Since 1998, Linda has been involved in fundraising and supporting Los Romeritos, a child care center and music program for at-risk children in Guatemala City.


Helen MossHelen Moss


Helen Moss joined the faculty of the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center in 1999. She teaches many of LERC’s core labor education classes as well as developing curricula.

She has conducted research projects on health and safety, home care workers, health care, intimate partner violence in the workplace setting, and labor management partnerships for career development and job quality. photo


David Henretty

David has been an advocate for low-wage workers in Oregon since 2003.  Until 2008, he represented low-wage workers throughout eastern Oregon as an attorney in the Oregon Law Center’s Ontario office. He currently practices out of the Oregon Law Center’s office in Portland and represents low-income Oregonians in primarily employment and civil rights cases.


John MunsonJohn Munson

Is a retired attorney and long time Quaker activist who has volunteered with VOZ for the last few years as a wage claim advisor, with a hiatus in 2011 and 2012 when his wife and him served as Peace Corps volunteers in Botswana.


Day Laborer Committee

Day laborers direct organizational policies, legislative agenda, and programs through serving on the Day Laborer Committee (8/8 seats filled by day laborers).


 width=Luis Chacon


He came to the MLK Jr. Worker Center in 2011. He is originally from Mexico City, where he studied psychology and criminology, and worked as a supervisor in a grocery store. From what he makes working in the US, he is paying for his son’s studies in Mexico. He is an active participant in the Alcoholic Anonymous group that meets at the Worker Center every Friday; he has been sober for 12 years.

Rosario Cardenas

Vice President/ Treasurer

Experienced in electro-mechanics in his native Mexico, Rosario has worked as a day laborer since 2001 in Seattle, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. He was active with day laborer organizations in Denver and Chicago. He arrived in Portland in 2012. Rosario works hard to send money to his family in Mexico– to his mother and two chronically ill brothers, and to his son to help him open a business.

Marcelo ValladaresMarcelo Valladares


Originally from Ecuador, Marcelo has lived in the U.S:, Spain and Israel; he speaks Quechua, Spanish, Hebrew, and some English.




Luis Alejandro GuzmánAlejandro Guzmán

Originally from Michoacán, Mexico, Alejandro is a professional translator and interpreter; he works as a day laborer when he needs extra cash.