Become a Leader

“Voz is very important to me, it forms a part of my purpose. More than anything I see it as a base where we can see ourselves as a community, not just as workers, not as individuals. The more united we are, the stronger we become. At Voz I see that it is possible to achieve a place for us, where we can be united. As I always say: nothing is impossible “ - Eligio, former Day Laborer Committee member

Join the Day Laborer Committee

Become a leader in your community! Voz is a worker-led organization led by the Day Laborer Committee. The Day Laborer Committee is elected each year from members of the MLK Jr. Worker Center. The Day Laborer Committee works closely with the staff and Board of Directors to guide the organization forward. If you are elected to the Day Laborer Committee, you receive leadership skills trainings and choose a focus area for your work, such as: activism, security, work, public relations, education, or finances. If you are interested in being on the Day Laborer Committee, please talk to the Lead Organizer or email her here:

Day Laborer Committee members are passionate about making the MLK Jr. Worker Center a better place. They have achieved many victories that make Voz a strong and successful organization for the day laborer community:
  • Raising the minimum wage to $17 per hour
  • Installing a secure fence around the Worker Center
  • Making job skills training the #1 priority for the organization
  • Speaking at marches, at City Hall, and in the State Capitol in Salem in support of immigrant and worker rights