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Here you will find the most recent information about our organization. You will also find out about the projects we are working on, the ways you can get involved, the events to come and much more.


Listen to Our Day Laborers' Voices

We believe that lasting and transformative social change must come from community members on the front lines. Voz was founded by day laborers organizing themselves for…


Mythbusters about day laborers

Marvin Peña

Today we will bust four common myths about day laborers, and show how valuable their contributions to Portland and the entire…


Our Voice: Radio Jornalera

Radio Jornalera is the only means of communication focused on defending the rights of migrants and workers. It is a space where humble people tell their truth and the…


Voz workers are part of an equitable green economy!

Not only did day laborers improve the Legacy campus by making it more environmentally friendly and beautiful, they also learned valuable job skills and are now trained to…