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VOZ is a worker-led organization that empowers diverse day laborers and immigrants to improve their working condition and protect civil rights through leadership development, organizing, education and economic opportunity.

We are 501c3 Nonprofit that operates the Martin Luther King, Jr. Worker Center, which connects hundreds of workers a month with local employers and job. Go here to hire a worker.

If you are interested in volunteering your time with us, contact us directly or take a look at our internship opportunities.

We also always welcome donations to help us expand services and education to our workers. Consider donating  either a one-time or sustaining donation to Voz here.

This is My Dream

Ever since I came to this country (U.S.), my dream was to become a writer. Recognizing a series of flaws in said field, I have overcome those errors, gramatically-speaking, although it is recognizing that writing, the communication of thoughts, is a philosophy of thought. With that premise in mind, I traveled to this country, that […]

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Learn About Day Laborers

Who are Day Laborers? Day laborers are low-wage workers whose employment is established on a temporary basis. They usually perform difficult tasks such as hauling debris, construction, painting, roofing and landscaping. Day Laborers are among the most economically vulnerable of the immigrant community due to irregular and strenuous work, unsafe working conditions and unscrupulous employers, […]

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