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Worker Center Program Manager

Voz is a worker-led, worker-run nonprofit organization that operates the only Worker Center in the state of Oregon dedicated to the day laborer community. Historically, the largely immigrant, BIPOC, and low-income day laborer populations we serve have been marginalized, underserved, underpaid, and discriminated against in myriad ways, including in their pursuit of work and at job sites once hired.

Our core mission is to empower diverse day laborers (including domestic workers) and immigrants to improve their working conditions and protect civil rights through education, leadership development, organizing and economic opportunity. Our three core programs:

(1) Worker Center: We connect day laborers with fair wage jobs and working conditions, provide labor rights resources, and offer culturally-specific workforce development trainings to increase their employment opportunities. The Worker Center is Voz’s largest program, and is the hub of all our work.

(2) Leadership & Education: Voz operates under a unique worker-led structure, and is governed in part by the Day Laborer Committee (DLC). DLC members are elected from and by active Voz members. In working with the DLC, we cultivate and elevate community-driven leadership. Educationally, we offer a wide variety of personal, leadership, and workforce development opportunities through our Leadership School and ongoing classes, including natural disaster and climate change preparedness initiatives. We also run a Health and Wellness Initiative to provide support and referrals for mental and physical health needs, as well as essential services such as food and housing resources.

(3) Grassroots Organizing: We engage day laborers with a broad range of partner organizations and coalitions at the local and national levels to participate in community organizing, advocacy, and awareness-raising efforts for workers’ rights and immigration justice. In 2023, our principal focus within this program is to resolve day labor wage theft cases through our ongoing wage theft clinic.

The Worker Center (WC) Program Manager will be responsible for all functions of the Worker Center, including but not limited to dispatch, workforce development training, curriculum development, volunteer management, conflict resolution and communication, and marketing of the Center. The WC Program Manager will work with the Leadership & Education Program Manager to coordinate workshops and training at the Center. This position will be supervised by the Co-Executive Directors and both will work closely in managing grant deliverables, fundraising for the program, and ensuring the leadership development of the Day Laborer Committee.


Position Worker Center Program Manager
Supervisor: Co-Executive Directors
Hours: Exempt (salaried), full time position (40 hours/week); in-person
Benefits: Full medical, dental & vision benefits through Kaiser Permanente; union representation with CWA; 120 hours of vacation (starting), 80 hours of sick time, plus 16 hours of personal time; Enrollment in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Salary: $47,840- $52,000

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