Join us at Voz's 24th Annual Celebration: Las Voces del Trabajador

We are thrilled to invite you to our 24th annual celebration, "Las Voces del Trabajador," on Saturday, September 14th, at the Voz Worker Center. This special event will celebrate the resilience and strength of day laborers and domestic workers, featuring reflections on our history, achievements, current progress, and future. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to continue building worker power!

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Economic empowerment

Day laborers face multiple barriers to stable, dignified, and fair employment. We provide direct economic empowerment opportunities by connecting day laborers to jobs at the Worker Center. We offer accessible workforce development opportunities that build skills and knowledge so that day laborers can earn higher wages and achieve long-term economic stability.

Economic Empowerment

Leadership development

We believe that lasting and transformative social change must come from community members on the front lines. Voz was founded by day laborers organizing themselves for better working conditions on the street corners, and we stay true to our roots by continuing to build new community leaders, and by operating a worker-led organization.

Our Mission

Grassroots organizing

Justice for day laborers is a community struggle! We mobilize community members in defense of immigrant and worker rights by organizing teams of rapid responders and legal observers, and by demanding that public officials pass legislation that protects and empowers workers and immigrants.

Our Partners

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