Become a Worker Center Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Worker Center, you must complete an orientation. All members must complete this and a probationary period before being invited to become a full-on member.

Why become a member?

As a Voz member, you can look for work at the Worker Center, have access to free skills trainings, classes, and workshops, and you become part of a community that has your back. Another benefit to being a member of the Worker Center is there are occasional work opportunities depending on your availability, skillset, and the number of jobs that come into the center (jobs are sometimes seasonal). The Worker Center works as a bridge to connect day laborers with fair and just employers that also want to support the Voz mission to protect immigrants and day laborers’ rights. The process of connecting day laborers to employers ensures that the two parties agree to the terms of work order agreement after a negotiation process to identify an appropriate wage.

When can I attend an Orientation?

We hold new member orientations twice a month. Folks who are interested in orientations can call 503-234-2043 to sign up on the contact list. Thank you!