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Wage Theft

What is wage theft? Wage theft is when an employer pays you less than they agreed to, or doesn’t pay you at all. If you have experienced wage theft, you are not alone. 50% of day laborers around the country have experienced wage theft. Voz’s Wage Theft Clinic will help you get the wages you earned at no cost to you. We also offer workshops on understanding your rights and advocating for yourself on the job when your employer threatens wage theft.

  • For more information, contact us at 503-234-2043 or
  • Voz Wage Theft Clinic
  • Workshops: Call us to ask about the schedule!

Know Your Rights

You have rights. As a worker, as an immigrant, as a person experiencing homelessness, as a person with a criminal record. Voz offers education on these issues through our Social Justice Education classes, and we also offer monthly Worker Justice Clinics to educate day laborers on their rights. Contact the Worker Center for more information, or if you think your rights have been violated:

Workplace Injury

If you are injured on the job, whether you are documented or not, you have the right to Workers Compensation to help pay for medical costs. When you are filing a Workers Compensation claim, they will ask for the Employer. Voz is NOT the employer. The individual or company you were working for while you were injured is the employer. Voz can assist you in finding the name and contact information of that employer, but you cannot file a Workers Compensation claim against Voz.

Trade Union Information

Trade Unions are an excellent opportunity to build skills and earn high wages, but there may be some educational or documentation barriers. If you are NOT eligible to join a Trade Union, you still have the opportunity to build job skills and earn higher wages through Voz’s Job Skills trainings . For more information, reach out to our Worker Center.