Day Laborer Committee

The Day Laborer Committee (DLC) is a group of day laborer leaders that work to help the day laborer community. Members of the Committee are elected by day laborers at an Assembly, to a 2-year term. The DLC is governed by bylaws. The DLC works alongside the Executive Committee and Voz Staff to help ensure the success of the organization.

Leticia Romero- President

Leticia has been part of Voz for five years now. She is a hard working immigrant woman who has raised her children on her own and strives to advocate for the needs of her community. Leticia takes her role with humility and honor due to the trust and respect the day laborer community has for her. She decided to join the committee because as a Latinx woman, she knows first hand the obstacles women face in workers centers and in the day laborer community in general. She is committed to dismantling machismo, sexism, and misogyny by playing a key role in the implementation of our gender justice values and programming. Being part of the committee means advocating for the day laborer's needs, dreams and seeking resources to bring to the center.

Rubén Yépiz- Vice President

Ruben has been part of Voz for five years now. Ruben joined the committee to continue his growth, leadership and support the diverse experiences day laborers hold. He enjoys working with the rest of the committee to solve issues, build intentional relationships and create plans for the leadership development of all members. Ruben may be quiet at times, but is always listening and connecting folks to resources. He wants folks to continue to support the organization by coming to the center and hiring day laborers.

Daniel Álvarez- Member

Daniel was one of the first DLC members when the organization started 22 years ago. He is once again a DLC member because of the trust and respect he has earned with the membership. He came to Voz from North Carolina in hopes of finding employment, stability and genuine relationships. Daniel is committed to strengthening the leadership of the membership so that one day, Voz is fully staffed by day laborers and for it to truly be a worker led-organization. He also hopes to provide all the resources and opportunities Voz gave him when he first joined. Daniel shares the honor he feels representing the membership.

Bernabé Ruíz- Member

Bernabe is known for his humor, drive, humility and ability to build long lasting relationships with everyone he encounters. He has been part of Voz for 10 years and has dedicated a lot of time in supporting Voz in conflict mediation, improvement plans and work ethic conversations with a restorative justice foundation. His passion for social change and community organizing has led him into his current DLC role. Bernabe's personal connections with the members allows him to be able to advocate and form concrete strategies to move an issue forward collectively. He's a fan of innovation and wants you to join him in developing ideas to support day laborers during the slow seasons.

Sergio Serrano- Member

Sergio migrated to the United States to better support his family in Mexico, and found himself taking a leadership role at Voz for three years now. He joined the committee to combat the negative reputation and harmful stereotypes the day laborers have and more specifically the Latinx community. He wants to focus on developing the skills, abilities and qualifications of our members in order to increase their economic opportunities. He carries his role with honor, transparency and respect. Sergio strives to make positive collective change.