Leadership Development

Lasting and transformative social change must come from community members on the front lines!

Our Programs:

We believe that lasting and transformative social change must come from community members on the front lines. Voz was founded by day laborers organizing themselves for better working conditions on the street corners, and we stay true to our roots by continuing to build new community leaders, and by operating a worker-led organization.

We offer leadership development workshops, and support day laborer leaders in getting engaged in their community. Voz is led by both our Board of Directors and the Day Laborer Committee. The Day Laborer Committee is elected from active Voz members every year. Day laborers bring a wealth of skills, knowledge, and life experiences to Voz and their leadership ensures that we remain accountable to the evolving needs of the day laborer community.

For more information about the Day Laborer Committee, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee, click here.

Leadership Development Victories

  • Voz operates using a unique worker-led structure. We are led by the Day Laborer Committee, which is elected from and by active Voz members
  • Recent Day Laborer Committee victories include:
    • (1) Raising the minimum wage to $20
    • (2) Making Workforce Development the top organizational strategic priority
    • (3) Building a more secure fence to increase safety at the Worker Center
    • (4) Updating the Code of Conduct at the Worker Center to prioritize inclusivity and accountability to ensure that the Worker Center is a safe space for all
  • 250 day laborers each year participate in leadership development activities to build their skills and build community power