Economic Empowerment

Day laborers face multiple barriers to stable, dignified, and fair employment.

Our Programs

We provide direct economic empowerment opportunities by connecting day laborers to jobs at the MLK Jr. Worker Center. We offer accessible workforce development opportunities that build skills and knowledge so that day laborers can earn higher wages and achieve long-term economic stability.

We fight for labor protections to ensure a fair wage, safe working conditions, and an end to wage theft. Last year, day laborers earned almost $500,000 in wages through the MLK Jr. Worker Center, and since 2000 Voz has reclaimed over $600,000 in stolen wages.

Economic Empowerment Victories

  • Each year the MLK Jr. Worker Center creates $500,000 in wages for day laborers!
  • Since opening the Worker Center in 2008, day laborers have fought for fair wages and successfully organized to raise the minimum wage from $8 to $17
  • Since launching our Wage Theft Clinic in 2000, Voz has reclaimed over $600,000 in stolen wages