Tell Congress: No federal funds for Trump's "Public Charge" rule.

Trump’s public charge rule would limit access to basic safety-net programs. The administration is changing the rule to keep people out and is already affecting immigrant families in the U.S

By now you’ve heard about Trump’s public charge rule that would use basic safety-net programs, like food stamps, against a family applying for permanent residence. While it’s clear that the administration is changing the rule to keep people out, the new rule is already affecting immigrant families in the U.S. who want to become lawful permanent residents.

Doctors and other community advocates report that people who are lawful permanent residents or have temporary protected status are already disenrolling from programs despite being eligible for them. It’s further proof that no matter what this administration says, this rule isn’t about legal or illegal immigration, it’s about advancing an anti-immigrantagenda intent on disenfrachising communities of color.

Trump’s vision for America is a country that’s accessible only to wealthy, white elites. He’s using policies like the public charge rule to dismantle our immigration infrastructure and make it harder for people to enter or remain in the U.S. — even when they have a lawful pathway to do so. At the same time, he’s gutting our education system, our health care, and our economy while passing tax cuts for the wealthy and granting kickbacks to big corporations. But we can fight back.

Tell your member of Congress to support H.R. 3222, which would prevent any federal funds from being used to enforce Trump’s public charge rule >>>

We must oppose this power grab. Join me in this fight and stand up against this racist rule that aims to disempower our communities and undermine our democracy.

Thank you for your commitment to this fight.