Voz Worker Center

The Worker Center is Voz’s largest program, and is the hub of all our work. The Worker Center is a community space built by and for day laborers, and many of our members refer to it as their second home. This is where day laborers and employers connect for work, and where we host our skills trainings, classes, and workshops.

The mission of the Voz Worker Center is to provide a safe, dignified, and organized location for day laborers to connect with employers. Our staff helps to match workers to the needs of employers, negotiate a fair wage, ensure that workers will have the necessary safety equipment, water, and breaks, and assist with translation and transportation. When you hire through the Worker Center, every penny goes directly to the worker. If you are interested in hiring a worker, click here.

Worker Centers exist around the country and benefit both the workers and the communities where they operate. Voz is a founding member of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), which includes over 70 Worker Centers around the country. Worker Centers prevent the exploitation of day laborers, provide a central hub for homeowners and employers looking for temporary workers, serve as an engine for the local economy, and build community power for the fight for worker and immigrant rights. By raising the floor for all workers, bringing dignity and justice to the work relationship, monitoring labor and civil rights abuses, improving working conditions and recovering unpaid wages, these Centers benefit all workers. In order for the labor movement to be successful, the civil and economic rights of all workers must be protected.