Announcement From the Voz Board re: New Leadership

This is a great opportunity to take Voz and worker-led organizing to a new level in Oregon! Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Co-Executive Directors will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Voz's staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission.

After a process of thoughtful reflection and evaluation, the Voz Board of Directors has concluded that to make the work more manageable and sustainable, it is necessary to share the extensive responsibilities of the Executive Director position. Adopting shared leadership, Voz will now have 2 Co-Executive Directors spread across programmatic, fundraising and development, staff development, and external affairs focus areas.

This new model is important considering that Voz has almost doubled in revenue in a short time and we need to reflect our value of shared leadership to continue sustaining this growth adequately and responsibly.

After more than 2 years in his position as ED, Osmani R. Alcaraz-Ochoa will transition out of this role. Thanks to the work of Osmani and the team, Voz has a very healthy and stable budget, in fact we grew 64% in revenue from 2020 to 2021. We hope to sustain this growth. During this time, our programming during the pandemic has expanded; we launched a food pantry, the health and wellness initiative and a leadership school program for domestic workers. Day laborer leadership has also been developed with a wonderful day laborer committee, a new day labor member has joined the executive committee of the board of directors, and two day laborers and a domestic worker have been hired at Voz to positions with tremendous leadership within Voz programs.

Please help us share the job announcement for the Co-ED positions: [LINK HERE]

Thanks for your support.


The Voz Board of Directors