Day Laborer

Meet Hector, a Voz day laborer from Oaxaca, Mexico and a member of our Day Laborer Committee!

"Voz has given me the opportunity to acquire more employers, build a personal client portfolio, and secure a steady flow of work. With this work, I have been able to take the first steps in starting my own business in construction and roofing.

Now that I have a solid client base and don't worry as much about waiting for work, I have more time to contribute to the community. That's why I've joined the Voz Day Laborers' Committee. I'm grateful for what I've achieved here, and I want to give back and contribute to the organization.

My vision for the future of Voz is to see us expand our capacity to offer more courses and workshops in trades such as construction, painting, and gardening. More workforce development opportunities is so important for our members.

By donating money to Voz, you could support our workforce development program. We could even provide stipends for Voz members to recognize the effort and the time it takes to participate in the training, considering that people will take time away from work to participate in their personal growth.

Thanks to all who have supported Voz!"